Berries, Fruit and Honey
Farmers know you can “farm a great product”. That’s why all our preserves, jams, fruit spreads, syrups, butters, pie fillings, BBQ sauces, pepper jellies, and vinaigrette are all right on the farm. Our honey bees pollinate our blossoms, and in the summer, we harvest honey for your enjoyment.


When people ask us if we grow filberts, we say, “Yes, they grow on Hazelnut trees.” Hazelnuts have grown in the northwest since the first pioneers planted trees in 1843. Today we grow, harvest, and roast our hazelnuts to perfection. A little salt or smokey flavor, and your family just can’t get enough of them!


Imagine the smell of our hazelnut toffee and caramels cooking in the copper kettle. That’s how we make our famous confections: in small batches. We cook up magic! Handmade chocolate enrobed hazelnuts both in milk and dark chocolate also for your eating pleasure.


Silly Poop Products
More animals than you can count… we package silly animal poop bags filled with our delicious chocolate nut toffee and peanut toffee poop for you and your friends and family to enjoy. Next time someone you know needs a laugh think about their favorite animal and get them some poop… lol.


Private Label
It’s your name on the outside and our quality on the inside! Your products will feature your brand label on the products you select from our wide array of Columbia Empire Farms products. Name drop designs are available, as well as full custom art to make your product story complete.